Stressline provide a number of services to complement our range of products. From back haulage to marketing, we can help you as the customer in a number of different ways. Look through our services below and contact us with any questions you have.



Stressline design service
Our in house design department have full CAD capability and work with clients to create the desired project drawing. CAD drawings are available to download but to find out how our design team can help you, contact us now.

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Stressline installation service
Our flooring systems are available as supply only or as supply and fix. The installation team is fully versed in our flooring solutions. We also possess a Worksafe Management Membership Certificate. Find out more now.

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Stressline scheduling service
Our technical and scheduling department is there to provide full technical expertise and advise on our lintels. The team work using the most up to date BS standards for methods of assessing loads. Click below to find out more.

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Stressline labelling
As well as the unique ability to provide labels with plot, floor and room detail on, we also offer clients bespoke and self-branded labels. The highly adhesive labels have been tested in vapour conditions to ensure the integrity is upheld.

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Stressline Marketing
Our marketing department works with merchants and other clients to help promote products through their own marketing efforts. We are also a CPD provider, so specifiers of our products can benefit from a RIBA accredited CPD presentation.

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