Riba approved CPD: Lintel intel – specifying lintels for new homes and RMI

Stressline are an accredited RIBA CPD Network Provider, and as such can provide architects, engineers, specifiers and anyone else who is interested RIBA approved seminars and CPD presentations.

What is it about?

RIBA CPD Core CurriculumOur seminar entitled “Lintel intel – specifying lintels for new homes and RMI” is an all-encompassing seminar on how to specify lintels for UK housing and private dwelling based building projects.

Because we are accredited providers of RIBA CPD material our seminar conforms to RIBA’s standards and code of practice, and is of course worth double points to RIBA Chartered Architects.

This seminar is part of the core curriculum “Design, construction and technology.”

What will it include?

Like all CPD material, we aim to provide architects and specifiers with educational information as well as hints, tips and advice to help you do your job better or more efficiently.

The seminar includes:
• An overview of lintel types
• Applications of lintels
• Concrete and steel lintel comparison
• Specification process
• Common challenges manufacturers face
• Tips and advice

Who is it for?

The seminar is quite general and so is designed for anyone who specifies or consults on small to medium private dwelling projects.

This seminar would be of interest to architects, engineers, and consultants as well as builders and developers.

How will it help?

The seminar will help specifiers understand more about the materials used in lintel production; steel, concrete (and wood). More importantly, it will help educate those involved in the specification of homes and private dwellings about how these materials react under stress, and understanding the process of specifying lintels as seen by a lintel manufacturer.

How can I access it?

Simple – just complete the short form below to register your interest, and we will be in touch. We will hold local seminars, and in-house seminars as well as delivering the presentation as part of the RIBA CPD Roadshows, and London based events.