High Strength Concrete Lintels

Stressline high strength prestressed concrete lintels are designed to bear heavy loads and are a stronger alternative to our standard concrete lintels. The high strength variety lintels can support a variety of loads including masonry, timber floor loads, roof loads, concrete floor loads and much more and can be used to support UDLs in excess of 140 kN/m.

The high strength prestressed concrete lintel is a valuable load supporting product vital for openings which have an extreme load; where strength is required. The high strength lintels are available in lengths from 600mm to 4200mm (depending on the type) and in sizes ranging from 100mm x 70mm up to a 215mm x 215mm variant.

For more information on prestressed concrete lintel sizes and prices please download the brochure section below. For the full brochure you can download it from our downloads page.

Our concrete lintel parent page has more details on lintel specification, installation and other details.

Stressline standard prestressed concrete lintel


Stressline high strength prestressed concrete lintels are designed to support:

  • Masonry loads
  • Uniformly distributed timber floor loads
  • Uniformly distributed roof loads
  • Concrete floor loads
  • Attic truss loads
  • Point loads; compound trusses, steel beams etc


The Stressline high strength prestressed concrete lintels consists of a range of cost-effective and high performance lintels.

They are also easy to install and can be used for a variety of applications. These include internal partitions, external cavity walls, garages, and over services.

Lintels sizes range from 100 x 65mm through to 214 x 140mm. We can also schedule and deliver in house plots.

Prestressed concrete lintel load span tables

To download our standard prestressed concrete load span tables, please click the button below. This brochure section has details of our high strength concrete lintels only. To download the full brochure, please navigate to our downloads page. For more information on our high strength concrete prices, please contact your local ASM – you can see who that is on our ‘who to contact’ page or email us directly.