Thermally Efficient Steel Lintels

Improving the thermal performance of walls is crucial for energy efficiency in buildings, and addressing thermal bridges like lintels is a key aspect of this. Here
are some methods to achieve better psi values:

  • Thermally efficient lintels that offer a cost effective solution to lowering carbon emissions.
  • Lintels without base plates, no clips or brackets: Eliminating the base plates altogether reduces the amount of material that conducts heat, further minimizing thermal bridging.
  • Each of these methods aims to decrease the psi value, indicating a lower heat loss through the lintels, thereby improving the overall thermal performance of the wall and the building as a whole.
  • Also we can offer a two part lintel system that involves separate lintels for the inner and outer leaf of the wall, effectively creating a break in the thermal bridge between them.
  • This design significantly reduces heat transfer compared to traditional lintels.
Stressline Thermo+ Steel Lintel

Thermo+ lintel load span tables

To download our Thermo+ lintel load span tables, please click the button below. This brochure section has details of our Thermo+ lintels only. To download the full brochure, please navigate to our downloads page. For more information on our standard steel lintel lintel prices, please download our steel lintel price guide or contact your local ASM - you can see who that is on our 'who to contact' page or email us directly.