Marketing Service

Our expanding marketing team are here to help merchant clients particularly market your own businesses with our products. Whilst we regularly provide clients with product images and specs, we are much more than an image library.

We have recently joined RIBA’s prestigious CPD provider’s network and with an accredited CPD presentation are traveling the country demonstrating and educating specifiers and architects on all things lintel related. We also offer merchants similar product training and best practice initiatives.

We can advise client son marketing our products as well as provide practical support in terms of copy and design. We can also produce self-branded brochure design in digital format for clients’ websites.

Our growing social media presence can be leveraged by clients, and we regularly share and post clients special offers and news.

Finally, we also look at improving our point-of-sale presence for merchants to use with cast stone sample boxes, and banners, but we welcome any other ideas to help our POS position.

Stressline Marketing Services

In a nutshell

Our marketing department can be utilised in many ways:

  • RIBA accredited CPD offering
  • Self-branded brochure design
  • Product training and knowledge sharing
  • Point of sale tools

Just click the button below to get in touch with our marketing team and see how they can help you.

How is it used?

We have branded up our own lintel guide for several companies for share on their own websites as a digital download asset. We also have a growing social media presence and regularly share clients posts, tweets and articles.

Many merchant clients have asked us to go into their branch and deliver product training, which we are more than happy to do. If it helps you sell our products, we are always please to help.