Fencing and Walling

As well as steel and concrete lintels, here at Stressline, we also sell concrete fencing and walling solutions. Our products include slotted posts, gravel boards, ‘lite weight’ fence posts, ‘lite weight’ gravel boards, universal posts, repair spurs, bollards, and chainlink posts.

Slotted Posts

Slotted posts come in three different types: End Post, Intermediate Post, and Corner Post. Heights are available from 1525mm to 2745mm.

The light weight versions of standard posts and can be up to 45% lighter than their conventional counter parts.

Slotted posts are suitable for timber fence panels.

Morticed and recessed posts are also available.

Gravel Boards

Gravel Boards are available in five different finishes: Plain, Recessed, Rockfaced (high profile wet cast), Rockfaced (medium profile wet cast), Rockfaced (semi-dry).

The plain and recessed versions are available in 150mm (6″) and 305mm (12″) heights. The Rockfaced versions are available in 305mm (12″).

Like the slotted posts, gravel boards are available in a ‘lite’ version which are easy to handle and install and reduced weight means lower transport costs and CO2 emissions.

Security/Chain Link

We also supply security fence chain link products, including chainlink posts and cranked top posts.

Chain link posts are used for security purposes and linked with chainlink and line wire.

The chainlink posts include left and right hand end posts, 3 way posts, 2 way posts, and left and right hand corner posts.

Pier Caps

Pier caps are a standard walling finish and another product within our precast concrete fencing and walling range. Pier caps are available in six sizes and are subject to our pack quantities policy.

  • 225×225 (9″)
  • 255×255 (10″)
  • 305×305 (12″)
  • 377×377 (15″)
  • 405×405 (16″)
  • 525×525 (21″)

For more information on pack quantities visit our downloads page.


Our precast concrete walling products include different types of copings.

Once weathered copings are sloped to allow water to drip off of one side, and twice weathered copings have a ridge down the middle to have water flow off both sides.

Copings are available as a length of 600mm and in widths from 125mm to 405mm (once weathered only).

For more information on copings please contact our sales team.

Other Products

Universal posts are exactly that – universal; very adaptable and a great fence post for a variety of different jobs.

Repair Spurs are used to carry out repairs to timber fence posts and helps support an existing fence.