Precast Concrete Landings

Our precast concrete landing slabs are built bespoke to the specification of the project handed to us. We often supply landing slabs with our precast stairflight products and hollowcore flooring products.

The landing slabs are designed to support reaction from stairflights and are built to withstand the live loads and finishing loads documented in the specification we are provided. Because of this, we have no ‘standard landing slab’ products, they are all built to spec.

precast concrete landing slabs


There are many advantages to using Stressline precast concrete landing slabs, here are just a few, but ring us on 01455 272457 for more information.

  • Quality British-made precast concrete manufacturing
  • Bespoke designs built around your specification
  • Can be made in conjunction with other precast and flooring options
  • Detailed design service available

What else?

Our flooring and precast concrete sections can all be professionally installed by our own installation team on site. This can free up your time to do other important things.

Our precast sections are all delivered by our own haulage team, and can be delivered in a timely manner to suit your build needs.

Our flooring and technical teams can provide you with sound advice on the construction, and usage of all of our precast sections, just ask and we will be glad to help.