Cookie Policy

This policy explains what cookies we use and why we use them on our website. You can read the full privacy policy here.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device (pc, laptop, mobile or tablet) that enable our website to perform certain functions and record certain data.

They do not have a harmful effect, and none of the cookies we use can identify individuals.

How and why do we use them?

The cookies we use are generally designed for one of two purposes. Tracking cookies allow us to track website statistics like page views, clicks, and help us understand what pages are being viewed. Marketing cookies are third party cookies that allow us to serve relevant adverts to you if we choose to do so.

The following list details how we use our cookies.

Statistical Cookies
Cookie nameUsed forExpiry
_gaThese cookies are used to generate statistical data on how visitors use our website2 years
Marketing Cookies
Cookie nameUsed forExpiry
ads/user-lists/#These are third party cookies that are used to track data and clicks and enable third parties to serve you relevant ads.

They also record what ads you click on to enable us to track the success of ads
fr3 months
id1 year
IDE1 year
khaos1 year
PREF8 months
put_#29 days
rpb29 days
rpx29 days
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEThese are YouTube cookies that help track what videos from our site have been accessed and played.179 days

Third party cookies

Some of our content like YouTube videos can be shared from our site onto other websites or social media platforms like Facebook. You should note that these platforms may place cookies on your device. We are not responsible for these cookies, so you should familiarise yourself with the cookie policies of these third parties. In the case of our YouTube videos, we use cookies to track statistics on views and usage of these videos.

Managing cookies

The cookies we use help us understand how our websites are used to improve the user experience and/or provide critical business information.

You can manage the cookies placed on your device through the website browser settings. This is available from your browser’s guide or you can visit or for further information.

If you have concerns about third party cookies you can often directly block them yourself. However please understand that your user experience or browser experience may be affected if you do opt out.

Some data collected by the cookies in this policy may be shared with third-party advertising partners to serve ads on our behalf if we have chosen to do so. This is in accordance with our privacy policy.

Updates to this cookie policy

We will continue to monitor and review this policy, and as and when updates are required we will advise users of our website to enable them to change their cookie settings if they wish to.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our cookie policy or similar technologies used, please feel free to get in touch.

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Adopted May 2018