Riba approved CPD: Thermal Flooring: Making it work for you

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What is it about?

RIBA CPD Core CurriculumOur article entitled “Thermal Flooring: making it work for you” looks at why thermal flooring is important in construction and how it works. We also examine how U-values play a part, and how housebuilders and developers can achieve their desired U-value with thermal flooring.

Because we are accredited providers of RIBA CPD material our article conforms to RIBA’s standards and code of practice, and is of course worth double points to RIBA Chartered Architects.

This article is part of the core curriculum “Design, construction and technology.”

What will it include?

Like all CPD material, we aim to provide architects and specifiers with educational information as well as hints, tips and advice to help you do your job better or more efficiently.

The article includes:
• What thermal flooring is
• Why thermal flooring is used
• Understanding U-value in flooring construction
• How to achieve the specified U-value
• In-situ examples of thermal flooring
• Alternatives on the market

Who is it for?

The article is fairly general and so is designed for anyone who specifies or consults on small to medium private dwelling projects.

This seminar would be of interest to architects, engineers, and consultants as well as builders and developers.

How will it help?

The article is aimed to provide specifiers an insight into thermal flooring and it’s growing requirement in modern housebuilding. thermal efficiency is now a necessity and housebuilders must not only satisfy their legal obligations, but also a growing worldwide concern for the impact that housebuilding and construction has on the environment.

How can I access it?

Simple – just click on the link below and you will automatically download the article in a PDF version. If you have any questions about the article please contact us here.