Stressline Cast stone keystone lintel

Cast Stone: Why vapour curing is the only way

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Is vapour-cured semi-dry cast stone the look that so many builders are going for? The answer is yes, and there are a number of reasons why but before we explain, we will look at the different products on the market. Wet cast, semi-dry or GRC? The myth surrounding cast stone is that semi-dry is an inferior product to wet cast …

Stressline home extension

Do I need planning permission? A list of resources

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I am currently looking at converting my garage into an additional room, and it has got me investigating whether I need planning permission or not. The answer depends on what exactly I intend to do, but as I looked into it, I thought more people will be in this or a similar boat. When you need it and when you …

Joe Stressline

Stressline appoint cast stone specialist to ASM role

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Our newest Area Sales Manager (ASM) comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience from the cast stone sector, and has been operating in a similar arena to Stressline for over 15 years. Joe Wheatcroft, our ASM for the central region is well-versed in our products already but particularly cast stone. He is also somewhat familiar with many Stressline staff …

Stressline steel lintel CXHD

What lintel do I need?

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This is a question we get asked time and time again. It is very difficult to answer without full knowledge of the project, but we can help specify lintels and provide guidance on what lintel, be it steel or prestressed concrete, would help in the given situation. Before selecting a lintel, there are six factors that need to be discovered. …

How to install a cavity lintel

How to install a cavity lintel: A 10 step guide

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Installing a cavity lintel is simple in principle but in reality, can offer up some complicated elements. In our easy to understand step-by-step 3D video guide, we take you through the process of installing a standard cavity lintel over a window or door. Don’t forget to read our 17 essential installation tips for lintels, and you can read our builder’s …

Stressline work experience

Stressline look to the future

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Two work experience students from local schools have been helping out here at Stressline, and we have to say the future looks bright. As part of a project led by Eunika Kleszcz, Stressline’s HR Assistant, we have been putting the students to work just as they break up for their summer holidays (well, they have to learn!) Nathan Mitchell of …

Augmented reality

Five huge construction innovations

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The construction industry is constantly innovating, and since the Romans created the Pantheon, those involved with building structures from the smallest house to the tallest skyscraper are having to think of new wonderful ways to complete their structures. Here we look at five of the biggest innovations in recent times, and how they are changing the face of construction. Augmented …