Labelling Service

We are the only company in the market (that we are aware of) that can produce labels for our steel lintel labels with such a comprehensive level of detail. This labelling sets us apart and ensures that site manages and contractors know exactly where each lintel needs to be delivered and installed.

Each label carries basic information like weight, product code and customer information, but can also include plot, level and room detail.

Our labels are not just any labels. They are a Teslin material and meet very specific criteria which we have specified over years of experience. Our labels have been tested within vapour curing conditions to ensure the high-adhesive remains. We also use a special printer and ink to ensure that our labels remain on-product and readable even in the worst weather conditions the UK can offer.

In addition to the high-quality label, we also offer clients bespoke and self-branded options, so you can produce the same quality label with your name and logo on.

Stressline labelling service

In a nutshell

Stressline has a unique labelling service, here is why:

  • Weather proof labels
  • High-adhesive Teslin material
  • Self-branded availability
  • Plot, floor and room detail

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How is it used?

One client has taken us up on the self-branded labels, and using our marketing department’s design capabilities we produced a design that shows off a professional look for all of their steel lintels.

Our video shows the adhesive nature of the labels we use. Have a look and see how the label fairs against a power washer.

Stressline Label Vs. Power Washer