Design Service

Our design department work tirelessly to provide clients with detailed drawings of not only our own products in isolation but projects as specified by you the client. These drawings are particularly pertinent to our flooring systems products where complex and detailed plans, floor plans, elevations and assembly drawings can be produced.

As well as the detailed drawings, our design department produce comprehensive product notes that you and the specification team can use for your project.

The design team are also capable of producing section and component drawings to further demonstrate how our products are used in situ.

Whilst we do not charge clients for our drawing services our company policy is to share drawings with clients only when an order has been placed. For more information on our design services, contact our design team at

Stressline Design Service

In a nutshell

Our design team is capable of producing many types of drawings for your project:

  • Detailed and floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Assembly drawings
  • Section and component drawings

Just click the button below to get in touch with our design team and see how they can help you.

How is it used?

The design team regularly produce detailed floor plans for our flooring system products. A great reason to use Stressline’s in house design team is because of their skill and experience in producing multi-product drawings.

Recently we have produced a number of designs for a local developer who has appointed us as the supplier of their first floor hollowcore requirements as well as several precast concrete stairflight sections.

Our skilled designers, using the brief from the client put together several drawings connecting the products within the confines of the project spec.