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Thermal Flooring Installation Guide

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Stressline Thermal Flooring is a lightweight flooring option which is easy to install and is designed to reduce the cold bridging in floors. Designed using Stylite T-Beam technology our thermal flooring can have a significant impact on the achievable U values, and our method exceeds the thermal requirements of Part L building regulations.

As part of our marketing expansion and innovation, we have released a 3D video installation guide to help builders prepare and install our thermal flooring.

Produced with our partner SPI, who supply the infill blocks for the thermal flooring product, the video takes the viewer through the timeline of laying the flooring using 9 steps.

Step 1 – Lay the Damp Proof Course along all perimeter walls before laying the floor.

Step 2 – Drop the first pre-stressed beam into place then inserting the EPS starter unit, apply pressure to ensure the lateral tightening along the beam.

Step 3 – Lay all the pre-stressed beams in place at specific centres, detailed on our drawings, ready to receive the Stylite EPS infill panels.

Step 4 – Drop all your infill panels in between the beams ensuring a tight fit to further reduce cold bridging underneath the pre-stressed beam.

Step 5 – Drop your EPS end unit infill in place to complete the initial formwork of the floor.

Step 6 – Build up the wall and bed your closer blocks in between the pre-stressed beam ends on the load bearing walls.

Step 7 – Now place your screed rail to the specified height to support your structural topping.

Step 8 – Place the perimeter installation strips around the perimeter of the floor; this will help reduce the cold bridging.

Step 9 – You are now ready to pour your structural concrete topping.

The video also shows example U values and includes a load span table.

To find out more about our thermal flooring option, and for details on supply and installation contact our flooring department at or call our sales team on 01455 272457.

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