Stressline steel lintel CXHD

What lintel do I need?

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This is a question we get asked time and time again. It is very difficult to answer without full knowledge of the project, but we can help specify lintels and provide guidance on what lintel, be it steel or prestressed concrete, would help in the given situation. Before selecting a lintel, there are six factors that need to be discovered. …

Bi-fold door lintel

Got a question on lintels? Follow this advice

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We get asked all sorts of questions about our lintels, often about what lintels are used in certain circumstances and what loads our lintels can take and how we calculate the loads of the lintels. A lot of the time we can answer your questions but we also need further information to help as well. Here are four basic questions …

Stressline composite lintel

Lintel application: A builder’s guide

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Our builder’s guide to lintel application comes off the back of some very popular blog posts. Here we want to help those of you in the trade understand a little more about how our lintels can be and are used. The basic application is simple enough, but there is more to consider than you might think. Concrete and steel lintels …