Stressline back haulage service

Stressline launches back haulage services

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Stressline Back Haulage

Stressline’s fleet consists of 4 artics and 4 rigids.

With a fleet of 8 trucks, here at Stressline we have decided to launch a back haulage service to make better use of the fleet when returning to Leicestershire.

The nationwide return load service offers huge benefits and customers will be able to use our artic vehicles with flat bed trailers, as well as curtain siders, if requested.

The vehicles are capable of carrying payloads of up to 29.5 tonnes, a must at Stressline as they are normally transporting the huge volumes of concrete and steel around the country every week.

As members of the Road Haulage Association, we take great pride in our fleet of vehicles, and our haulage capabilities, and with ever-expanding threats to our environment, we want to take every opportunity to reduce not only our own carbon footprint, but those of our customers and suppliers as well.

“By introducing a back haulage service we can proactively work with our partners to reduce the impact on the environment. Our vehicles are already returning to the factory for the next set of loads, by carrying loads on the way back we make maximum use of that trip, which not only helps us, but also our suppliers, customers and of course, the environment.”Jodie Fox, Senior Operations Manager, Stressline Limited

To make use of this new initiative or if you have any questions regarding our back haulage service contact our transport department on 01455 272457 or email

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