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Stressline launch new Lintel Guide

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Stressline Lintel GuideUPDATE – 28/6/2016: Since this post, we have updated and re-branded our brochure and our Steel Lintel Price Guide. Both are available to download for free on our downloads page.

As pioneers in the UK concrete and steel lintel industry, we continuously strive to put to market the appropriate products for our customers. With this in mind, product development is an on-going part of the business driven by Managing Director Chris Fox.

The latest changes have been documented via the launch of the new Lintel Guide – Stressline’s definitive product guide to steel and prestressed concrete lintels, as well as additional products like padstones and arch formers.

The new Lintel Guide is the result of many month’s work from several members of Stressline’s staff, and includes several new products, ensuring Stressline’s product range continues to be the largest in the UK, within the markets that we operate.

New Steel Sizes

Stressline Steel Lintel

We now offer steel Lintels in 90mm, 110mm and 130mm cavity sizes.

As Stressline’s steel lintel business steadily grows, so does the range of steel lintels manufactured. We have now introduced a 130mm cavity across all product groups including standard, wide inner leaf, and wide outer leaf.

We have also comprehensively added to our short outer leaf (SOL) range with the addition of several cavity sizes, ranging from 50mm to 150mm.

One of the biggest changes we have made however is the introduction of the 90mm and 110mm cavity products across the whole range. This change demonstrates that we are meeting the market’s needs and reinforces our desire serve our customers with the best, and most appropriate products that we can produce.

In addition to the new cavity sizes we have also added new padstones, including an L shaped padstone, and tweaked several other products to make them even better.

NMBS launch

The new brochure was rolled out at the NMBS (National Builder’s Merchants Society) show in April, and introduced to their members during the exhibition.

The builder’s merchants market is a big part of Stressline’s strategy, and our increased product range means we can better serve the market


The new Lintel Guide is available to download on the steel lintels page, the concrete lintels page, or on the downloads page.