Steel lintels: an overview

Steel lintel types: An overview

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Steel lintels are the fastest growing area of our business, but we often get asked about the different types of steel lintels that are available. You can go through each type on its own page by clicking on the header, but within this blog post, we will outline each type, its applications, and general characteristics. Most cavity lintels are available with cavity sizes of between 50mm and 150mm.

Standard cavity steel lintel

Our standard cavity lintels are exactly that. They are versatile are used for a number of applications. Each leaf is designed for 98mm of brick or blockwork, and heavy duty variants are available.

Wide inner leaf lintel

Wide inner leaf steel lintel

WIL lintels are designed for up to 150mm blockwork on the inner leaf.

Wide inner leaf lintels are also known as WILs. These are designed with a wider leaf on the inside; suitable to support a 125mm-150mm inner leaf of blockwork.

Wide outer leaf lintel

WOLs are designed with a wider leaf on the outside. These are suitable for blockwork, or particularly stonework of 125mm-150mm.

Short outer leaf lintel

SOL steel lintels, like most other lintels, have HD (heavy duty) variants. These have an outer leaf of 78mm designed for head detail or cant brick.

Rolled steel lintels

Rolled steel lintel 3D image

Rolled steel lintels are used for extreme loading conditions, and feature a red-oxide paint finish

Rolled steel (RS) and rolled steel channel (RSC) lintels are for extreme loading conditions. These are designed for wider openings and feature a red-oxide paint finish.

Closed eaves lintels

Eave lintels are designed specifically for eave applications. These effectively have no load on the outer leaf, so are designed to take the full load on the inner leaf.

Timber frame lintels

Timber frame (or TF) lintels don’t have an inner leaf but instead are designed to be attached to the timber frame. Lintels are supplied with the appropriate number of restraining clips.

Single leaf lintels

Single leaf external solid wall lintels are available in three types. MB lintels are designed for meter boxes. TR lintels or Tray lintels are for similar applications, and the CH (Channel) lintels are highly versatile and often used in conjunction with concrete lintels.

Internal solid wall lintels

Internal solid wall lintels are available in box form, with HD variants and also in a light duty variant. Like many lintels, it can be used for a variety of applications.

External solid wall lintels

SL200 steel box lintel

The steel box lintel is very versatile and can be used for a number of applications.

These are available as box lintels, inverted ‘T’ lintels and channel style lintels. They can also cover a number of applications.

Arch formers

Arch formers are specifically designed to be used over openings in external walls where there is a low-rise brick arch.

Special lintels

Special lintels are tailor-made for specific arch requirements. There are a number of different special arch lintel types available including parabolic, semi-circle and apex lintels.

For more information on our steel lintel range navigate to our steel lintel page. You can also contact your local Area Sales Manager to discuss prices and deliveries.

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