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Q and A with Paul Atkinson

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Paul is our Project Sales Manager and is responsible for the company’s relationship with the developers market, rather than merchants. We supply developers with our full range of products, but predominantly it is the flooring solutions and cast stone that are put through to developers rather than the ‘stock’ products like lintels.

Here we get to the nitty-gritty of what Paul does and what he is working on.

You’re not just a salesman, so what do you do for clients?

No, I am a project sales manager, so instead of dealing with merchants like the others, [Area Sales Managers], I deal with property developers working particularly on flooring projects. I have been working in the industry for 35 years, so I have a lot to offer in terms of experience, I hope! My role is to help with the project from enquiry through to completion, that includes technical and design queries, pricing and installation procedures.

What is the biggest project you have been involved with for Stressline?

Currently, the biggest project is probably the Matthew Homes site in Gloucester. We have provided over 9km of various flooring products for both houses and apartments on the site. The products include beams, wideslab, stair flights and landing slabs.

What is your favourite product to talk to clients about and why?

Stressline floor beam

The floor beams are available in three widths and two depths and up to 9m spans

I like discussing the varied floor beam options with clients. The spans we can achieve, and the fact that we have three widths available and two depths mean we can offer them endless possibilities. Clients and potential clients are always surprised by what we can offer.

What are the most common questions you get asked on site?

Usually something about timescales; when we will be delivering and installing the systems. I often get asked about installation with questions like – how are we going to install the products (when we do fixing jobs), what size crane to be used, and what access is needed; things like that.

What products or services do you receive most enquiries about?

Floors obviously, but increasingly about our thermal flooring options. I also get a lot of enquiries about our installation offering. Being able to offer an installation service is vital for our business, and has helped a number of clients with their on-site management time and time again.

What is the most common flooring installation error you have seen?

Stacking floor beams

It is vital that beams are handled and stacked properly. The cost of replacements can have a huge impact on site.

I don’t see any common errors but the most significant is where the installer doesn’t follow our drawings. An example of this is if we draw in alternate centres along the floor but the ground worker lays it at, say standard centres throughout the floor, you end up with excess number of beams, but more importantly the floor will not reach the load bearing specification, and in all likelihood would have to be relaid.

What other flooring errors do you see on site?

Mainly beam stacking and handling errors. If the beams are handled or stored incorrectly they could become damaged and need replacing, which obviously increases the build time and costs money.

What does the future hold for the flooring market?

Stressline thermal flooring

Our thermal flooring systems are our fastest growing flooring product.

Well, I think it is pretty buoyant at the moment. We are seeing more thermal flooring enquiries come in, and we have a new thermal flooring product just about to be released so that is taking off. With Brexit, we don’t really know what the future holds, but the Government has just announced plans to invest in housebuilding to help ease the housing crisis, we need to be a proactive part of this for the good of our country and for ourselves.

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