Cast Stone Pier Caps

Our cast stone pier caps are popular with certain builders, who favour them for a specific look for fence and wall ends. They can really amplify the look of a property. Our cast stone pier caps are available in 4 types as standard, and can be produced in any of the four colours. Many of our pier caps can be manufactured to receive a sphere on top for a different finishing option. Like all cast stone products, bespoke designs can often be manufactured.

Type 1 Pier Caps

Our basic range of pier caps includes very simplistic design, which results in a flush and contemporary look. Some pier caps in this series can be manufactured to take a sphere on top. The standard range of pier caps includes four sizes from 420mm to 755mm, but bespoke designs can be manufactured as well.

Type 1 cast stone pier caps

Type 2 Pier Caps

Type 2 pier caps are designed with a slight lip underneath the main body of the product. Like our other cast stone products, they are available in all four standard colours. They can also be manufactured to a fit a cast stone sphere on top as well. The four standard sizes for type 2 pier caps range from 360 to 695mm.

Cast stone pier caps

Type 3 Pier Caps

Our PC3 series of pier caps are some of our most elaborate options for cast stone pier cap finishes. The standard products include a 440mm, 553mm, 666mm, and 778mm varieties, but as always we can produce pier caps to a bespoke design. Like the other types of pier caps, these can be fitted with spheres for the top.

Cast stone pier cap diagram

Type 4 Pier Caps

The final type of pier caps are much like the PC3 series, but with a 125mm height on the product throughout the range. The standard sizes are 410mm, 523mm, 636mm and 748mm. These can be bespoke to suit different piers and are also available in the four standard colours. PC4 pier caps can also be manufactured to receive a sphere.

Pier cap cast stone