Other Cast Stone Products

Stanton cast stone includes many standard products, and here is a list of even more products that are manufactured here in Leicestershire. All are available in the four standard colours, and we can do bespoke designs as well. For more information on the products and the full product codes, download our brochure, which is available at the bottom of the page.


Within our standard range of cast stone products, we have two types of cast stone quoins. Plain quoins are naturally fair faced, simple in design and provide a contemporary look; chamfered quoins a slightly different and more artistic option. Sizes of quoins range from 327mm to 440mm but as always, we can manufacture to bespoke specifications.

Cast stone plain quoins


Cast stone plinths normally consist of a course of products underneath the window line. They are generally manufactured with a weathered profile. The standard plinth size is 220 x 140 or 145mm. 140mm plinths are designed to suit 10mm bed joints; 145mm plinths to suit 5mm bed joints. Standard plinths are supplied in 445mm lengths.

Cast stone plinth

Gable Vents

Cast stone gable vents are generally made for the gable end of a building. The actual ‘vents’ in the modern age are not slotted; it is a false slot, however, true slots can be manufactured upon request. The standard gable vent sizes range from 150mm in width to 330mm in width and from 440mm in height to 900mm in height.

Cast stone gable vents

Label Moulds

Cast stone label moulds are also commonly referred to as hood moulding. It is predominantly decorative and is designed to be placed above stone heads. It does act to redirect water away from the window below. The origins of label moulding dates back to the Roman Empire, but designs today are more contemporary and simplistic.

Cast stone label moulds

Name Stones

Name stones are a bespoke design option for those wanting to add in a permanent name or year to a property. We have some standard designs but the stone will be designed based upon the specification. The lettering is engraved by a professional stone mason. The name stones are available in all four standard colours and can be supplied with lifting sockets if required.

Cast stone name stones

Window Surrounds

Cast stone window surrounds normally consist of a combination of a window cill, cast stone lintel and chamfered jambs either side of the window. The units are connected with dowels to ensure they stay in place, and a steel tray lintel can be applied to support the cast stone lintel. We offer standard designs with and without a window centre piece.

Cast stone window surround