Cast Stone Lintels

Stanton Cast Stone Lintels come in a variety of shapes and sizes including splayed lintels, chamfered lintels, rectangular lintels and keystone lintels. They can be used in conjunction with Stressline Steel Lintels through our matching service to create the perfect structurally sound but visible lintel option.

They offer builders a beautiful finishing option for modern houses and coupled with a cast stone cill, can really make a property stand out.

Splayed Lintels

Splayed lintels are a simple cast stone lintel with angled, or splayed sides to created a classy, modern look. They are traditionally used above windows with cills below to frame each window in the house. Splayed lintels are available for rendered properties, and can have a Stressline steel tray supporting them for structural improvement.

Splayed lintel diagram cast stone

Chamfered Lintels

Chamfered lintels are effectively a rectangular lintel with a chamfered edge. Like the splayed lintels, these offer builders a different option when finishing a property, and can also be used with Stressline steel lintel products. There are six standard type chamfered lintels available but we can also offer a bespoke product option as well.

cast stone chamfered lintel

Rectangular Lintels

Rectangular lintels are the most simple of cast stone lintels. Like all of our cast stone lintels, they are available with Stressline steel lintels for added structural strength, and there are rendered property options available as well. There are six types standard cast stone rectangular lintel available. These lintels can be combined for longer length openings.

cast stone rectangular lintel

Keystone Lintels

Stanton Cast Stone keystone lintels are often considered the most attractive cast stone lintel type, with the ubiquitous ‘keystone’ in the middle of the lintel. There are several standard options available, and lintels can be in the splayed type or the rectangular lintels. Like our other cast stone lintels thay can be available for buildings where render will be above.

cast stone keystone lintel