Cast Stone Corbels

Corbels are traditionally used to support structures above them like balconies. In today’s construction industry they are used for renovation and self-builds, but more contemporary designed cast stone corbels are used in modern housebuilding projects. Our standard cast stone corbels consist of two types, but we can also offer bespoke designs.

Type A Corbels

Our first type of cast stone corbel is measured as 600 x 290 but has two sub-variations. The standard rectangular shape and the chamfer shape. Both sub types are simple in their design and and modern in their appeal, so would suit modern new housing developments, as well as self-build projects.

Cast stone corbel diagram

Type B Corbels

Type B cast stone corbels are the same in design and structure as type A corbels but 215mm in height instead of 290mm. We offer the same standard options for both types, and both are available in the four colours of York, Bath, Portland and Cotswold. Like all of our cast stone products, bespoke designs can be specified and manufactured.

Cast stone corbel