Cast Stone Copings

Cast stone copings make up some of our most popular products. Four basic types are available – once weathered copings, twice weathered copings, profiled copings and flat copings. Copings can improve the look of a wall, but perhaps more importantly can reduce the affects of adverse weather, and maintain the integrity of the wall, as well as prolonging its life.

Once Weathered Copings

Our cast stone once weathered copings are part of our standard walling range. The once weathered effect is achieved by producing a single slope on the coping resulting in one side being higher than the other. Our standard once weathered copings are available from 305mm widths (for a max 215mm wall) to a 450mm width (max 350mm width wall). Like most cast stone products, we can make to a bespoke specification as well.

Once weathered cast stone coping

Twice Weathered Copings

Twice weathered copings feature a central ‘peak’ running down the coping to give it a symmetrical look, and ensuring any rain water is distributed evenly on both sides. Like our once weathered copings they are available in five sizes as standard – 305mm to 450mm, and are available in all four standard colours. For more information download our brochure.

Twice weathered cast stone coping

Profiled Copings

Profiled copings have a slightly more elaborate design, and give the builder or owner a slightly different option on their coping finish. Our standard profiled copings have a twice weathered effect with a central ridge but we can produce bespoke designs as well. These copings also have a 20mm drip grove running down each side which is useful for preventing wall staining.

Cast stone profile coping

Flat Copings

Our cast stone flat copings are as you would expect, copings with a flat top surface. These offer the builder or homeowner a contemporary look on the walling without losing any of the protection or cast stone appeal. Like the once weathered and twice weathered options these are available in five main sizes from 305mm to 450mm, but as always bespoke options can be specified.

Cast stone flat copings