Cast Stone Cills

Cast stone cills (or sills) are a great addition to the cast stone range. They work superbly well with cast stone lintels to create a beautiful look to modern British housing. Stooled cills and bay cills are hand crafted on within our Leicestershire site and are available in a number of varieties and sizes.

Stooled Cills

Stooled cills are our most popular cill item, and are designed with a ‘stool’ on each side to support brickwork either side of the cill. We have a number of varieties available as standard, details of which are all available within our downloadable brochure. Cills are available in ‘render-friendly’ variants. As per all of our cast stone items, cills are available in four colours.

Stooled cill diagram cast stone

Rectangular Bay Cills

Rectangular bay cills are exactly what they sound like; Cills designed for bay windows. These are designed and manufactured in different sections, but maintain the exceptional visual appeal of all of our cast stone products. These are available in the four standard colours, and bespoke designs are welcome.

Rectangular bay cast stone cills

Splayed Bay Cills

Splayed bay cills are much like the rectangular bay cills with the obvious difference being the shape. Like the rectangular bay cills, they are manufactured from different sections, and available in the four standard colours. Bespoke designs can also be manufactured, if you speak to our cast stone estimation team, they will advise.

cast stone rectangular lintel