Cast Stone Ashlar Blocks

Ashlar blocks are a very versatile cast stone products and can be used for many applications. Ashlar blocks can be used to give a building a fantastic stone look. Our cast stone ashlar blocks come in two varieties – Plain and rusticated. Rusticated ashlar blocks are subject to a slightly different mould which results in a small lip being formed. This is to give the block a visible finish that contradicts the smooth block.

Plain Ashlar Blocks

Plain ashlar blocks are the most simple type. They are a replacement for block and brickwork, when you are looking for a different finish. Our plain types come in 5 varieties ranging from a simple 100 x 445mm rectangle to a more complicated 100 x 445 x 220mm angled ashlar block. The standard product has an angle of 135°. Plain ashlar blocks are available in the standard four colours.

Cast stone ashlar blocks diagram

Rusticated Ashlar Blocks

Rusticated ashlar blocks are also available in five varieties as standard. The applications for rusticated blocks are the same but have a slightly different finish to allow for a small difference in the final look of the blockwork. These blocks are also available in the standard four colours. These are also available in the 100 x 445 sizes.

Cast stone rusticated ashlar blocks