Steel lintels: an overview

Steel lintel types: An overview

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Steel lintels are the fastest growing area of our business, but we often get asked about the different types of steel lintels that are available. You can go through each type on its own page by clicking on the header, but within this blog post, we will outline each type, its applications, and general characteristics. Most cavity lintels are available …

BTCC Ford Focus Stephen Jelley Car

Stressline sponsor Leicester BTCC driver

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We are thrilled to share with you the news that Stressline has sponsored Stephen Jelley for his upcoming inclusion in the British Touring Car Championship. Part of Team Parker Racing, Stephen will be driving a Ford Focus and is one of 32 drivers taking to the track for this year’s competition. Stephen took part in the pre-season testing at Donington …

Group of steel cavity lintels

Lintels: The new starter’s ultimate glossary

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Most builders and specifiers will be familiar with the terminology we use in the lintel trade. However, for anyone getting started within the housebuilding and construction industry this is our ultimate glossary of the terms, acronyms and general buzzwords we use so you if you are starting a new job, you can go in sounding like an expert! Arch former …

Lintel selection a step-by-step guide

Lintel selection: A step-by-step guide

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With the vast array of lintels on the market, it can be tricky to know how you select the correct lintel for the correct application. It is a scary thought when you consider that choosing an incorrect lintel could result in not adhering to building regulations, excessive cost increases, and in the worst case – structural failure. This is why, …

Stressline specification of lintels

Specifying steel lintels: 5 top tips

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When specifying lintels one of the first questions to ask is whether you need prestressed concrete lintels or steel lintels. There are times when you will benefit from specifying concrete lintels, but this post is our top tips about specification in general, but predominantly for steel lintels. Top Tip 1 – Check your triangulation One of the biggest factors in …

Stressline Management Accountant

Global recognition for company accountant

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Gemma Wilson, Stressline’s 12 year expert of accounting has boosted her recognition amongst her peers by becoming a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) as well as an Associate Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA). After a rigorous process spanning several years, Gemma submitted her final paperwork at the turn of the year to be awarded this distinguished qualification. Gemma can now use …

Lintel load span tables

Lintel load span tables: A beginner’s guide

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We often assume that the load span tables featured in our lintel guide are easy to understand, which for those with knowledge; probably are. However, for anyone starting out in the industry, getting to grips with interpreting the load spans for prestressed concrete lintels and steel lintels is not always straight forward. This post examines the load span tables featured for …

Steel lintel vs concrete lintel

Steel vs. Concrete Lintels: 7 reasons to consider concrete

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For those people who use and install structural building products, particularly load bearing steel lintels and prestressed concrete lintels, you probably already know the main differences between the two types. You will also be aware of the advantages of steel over concrete lintels. But is there more to concrete, and are there circumstances in which it may be preferred? In …

Stressline Steel Lintel Prices

New Steel Lintel Price Guide Released

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Christmas is always fun when you are ploughing through a technical steel lintel price guide, but such is our love of the job, and for our customers… A price hike is not something one usually bleats on about, but ours is a bit different. We are proud to have been able to keep our prices level for over five years, …