Lintel load span tables

Lintel Load Span Tables: Quick Reference Guide

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Understanding lintel load span tables is important for specifying and selecting the correct lintel. If you are new to load span tables you may want to look at our blog post on load span tables for beginners. Below is a quick reference guide to load span tables which you can use at your leisure. It is also available to download …

stair flights and hollowcore flooring

Multi-product specification: 5 advantages for specifiers

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First, let us establish what we mean by multi-product specification. In this sense, I am talking about specifying multiple products from a single supplier. In the world of procurement, it is acknowledged that getting a number of quotes for products and services can help find what you need. With specification, this could also be said, but there is an argument …

Stressline labelling service

Stressline Label Vs. Power Washer

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This 90-second video shows just how adhesive our steel lintel labels are. We use a jet washer from about a foot away, and the label, along with a branded client label (blurred) withstand the force and remain on the steel lintel without any sign of peeling off. Stressline Label Vs. Power Washer was last modified: July 14th, 2017 by Andrew

Specification of lintels

Lintel application: A specifier’s guide

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A lintel is a lintel is a lintel right? Well not quite. Yes, the job of the lintel is pretty straight forward in that it has to bear a load, but not all lintels are the same, and there are many different types of lintels designed to do different things. From a specification point of view, there is a multitude …

Cast stone keystone lintel

Cast stone supplier selection: 5 top tips

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Finding a cast stone supplier is relatively easy given the amount available in the UK. It is a competitive market, and many suppliers produce several varieties of the same type of product – but which one do you get? It is easy to go online and order from the first supplier you find, but is that the best solution for …

Stressline Steel Lintel

Seven Questions you should ask your lintel supplier

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The questions you should ask your lintel supplier will very much depend upon your own place in the market. For example, if you are a builders merchant, then the questions you ask are likely to focus on quality, delivery, and price. If you are a specifier, however, you may want to ask more about the technical properties of the lintel, …

Stressline lintel quality standards

Concrete and steel lintels: What standards have to be met?

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Lintels like virtually all other building products undergo rigorous testing before being available to UK and EU markets, but is there a difference between steel and concrete lintels? The generic lintel has to do a certain job and so must reach a certain level regardless of the material used, however, the properties of steel and concrete lintels are obviously different, and …