Stressline Steel Lintel Prices

New Steel Lintel Price Guide Released

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Stressline Steel Lintel Prices

This is the first price adjustment since 2011.

Christmas is always fun when you are ploughing through a technical steel lintel price guide, but such is our love of the job, and for our customers…

A price hike is not something one usually bleats on about, but ours is a bit different. We are proud to have been able to keep our prices level for over five years, but with the steel market being the way it is, it would be detrimental not just to us, but to our customers as well if we didn’t react to the fluctuations.

Many factors, not least the price of steel has forced our hand, so for the first time since 2011, we are adjusting our steel lintel prices to remain in line with the industry.

Value remains

Whilst most prices have gone up, some have remained, and some have even fallen. What is more, our pricing policy means that we continue to remain competitive in a busy and expanding marketplace.

Value for money is still a priority and so our customers will continue to get the same quality products with exceptional service, for a price that continues to be good value. In addition to our steel lintel price value, we continue to engineer our range to be the most comprehensive available in the UK.

Continued Investment

Stressline Steel Lintel Prices

Our expanding range of steel lintels are designed to satisfy the ever-changing customer and market demand.

With our expanding range of steel lintels continuing to increase in sales, we have started to build a stock profile of our best selling items to further enhance our offering to our valued merchant customer base.

Throughout 2017, we will continue to invest in machinery, research, and product development to ensure that what we produce and sell is what the market, and our customers want.

Digital Steel Lintel Price Guide

We have updated our steel lintel price guide to reflect the new changes, and we have also released a digital version that is easier to read online. You can download the updated price list here, and also access it from the ‘downloads’ page, along with all of our other downloadable content.

If you have any questions about our steel lintel prices, please feel free to contact your local area sales manager, or contact us directly at

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