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New Cast Stone Point of Sale Box

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Cast Stone Point of Sale Box

The new point of sale box is designed to help merchants promote cast stone.

Our Stanton Cast Stone products have received a marketing boost with the release of our new cast stone sample box which doubles up as a display case for merchants to have on their sales counters.

The new sample box has been created specifically for Stressline, and is designed to house four sample blocks – one for each of the colours that our Stanton Cast Stone is available in – Bath, Portland, York and Cotswold.

The sand covered box was produced by Bladen Box and features the same style of branding as the new cast stone brochure.

Your choice, our strength

Stanton Cast Stone

Stanton Cast Stone is available in a choice of four colours.

The new point of sale box is released to help push the non-structural side of our business, and reiterate the choice that we can provide merchants, builders and specifiers with every facet of our product range.

Not only are four colours available, but we can produce bespoke designed cast stone items, all of which are cured in state of the art vapour curing chambers on site in Leicestershire.

As well as bespoke designs, we still offer scores of ‘off the shelf’ cast stone products with ready-made moulds. These products include plinths, keystones, lintels, corbels, string courses, copings, window surrounds and much more.

A match made in heaven

Another great attribute of our cast stone and reaffirming our product choice is the matching service we have to ensure that our cast stone is perfectly designed to fit around our range of lintels. The two products can be designed in conjunction with each other to compliment the house design, save of ecological stress, and save the customer time and money.

If you would like a cast stone sample box please email us at, and if you would like more information on our cast stone products, email

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