How to install a cavity lintel

How to install a cavity lintel: A 10 step guide

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Installing a cavity lintel is simple in principle but in reality, can offer up some complicated elements. In our easy to understand step-by-step 3D video guide, we take you through the process of installing a standard cavity lintel over a window or door.

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Step 1 – Examine the lintel prior to installation.

Step 2 – Ensure the bricks and blocks that the lintel will sit on are level and that FULL bricks and blocks are used as bearing areas.

Step 3 – Ensure you don’t use cut blocks or bricks as bearing areas.

Step 4 – Lay a thin layer of mortar on the brick and blockwork prior to installation.

Step 5 – Place the lintel ensuring a bearing of 150mm (100mm for an opening of less than 1m)

Step 6 – Ensure the lintel is level on its width and length.

Step 7 – Place the inner blockwork over the inner leaf remembering a full block should be placed over the edge of the opening.

Step 8 – Lay a damp proof course (DPC) over the lintel and outer brickwork.

Step 9 – A weep vent can be placed on the DPC to prevent the build-up of moisture.

Step 10 – Finally the rest of the brick and blockwork can be built but must be fully cured before any construction of the floor above begins.

There you have it. Watch the video for a detailed description and let us know if you have any questions regarding the installation of cavity lintels.

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