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Housebuilding efficiency: 5 key improvements

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With 300,000 houses as the Government’s target for new homes, the construction industry is left scratching their heads wondering how they will achieve something that has not been done in 30 years.

The housing crisis is a huge political hot potato and we cannot offer a definitive solution that will solve the whole problem. What we can do is demonstrate a few small things we do here at Stressline that can potentially improve efficiency on the building site.

Steel Lintel Labels

Stressline steel lintel labels

Our steel lintel labels can include plot, floor and room detail and can be self-branded for added professionalism.

The first of our little efficiencies is our steel lintel labels. Unlike others, our labels can be printed, not only with site details, but also plot, floor and room detail on. This makes the lintels much easier to store, locate and manage on site. In addition to this, the labels are specified to be weatherproof and are a high-adhesive Teslin material meaning they are not easily removed from the lintel.

Vapour cured cast stone

Stressline cast stone cill

All of our cast stone products are vapour cured in one of two specially designed chambers.

Vapour curing is a process of curing the cast stone in a custom-made chamber using steam to drastically improve the curing time. It allows us to cure the stone overnight instead of over a number of days. It also means we can control the curing environment, and we are not beholden to the ever-changing British weather and temperatures. The vapour curing ensures the finish is consistent and improves the life-span of the product.

Flooring installation

Our flooring beams can be supplied with a fixing contract, meaning we can install the flooring system on site. This improves on-site efficiencies by freeing up time for other labourers or contractors, and by way of the fact that our installation team are skilled and experienced with our products. They install them quicker, and without costly mistakes. A physical example of this is the tailor-made ‘hot-wire’ that our installation team use for cutting the thermal poly blocks on site. It is an incredibly fast and accurate method of cutting the blocks; thus increasing efficiency. You can see this working in this video.

Product Breadth

Stressline selection of products

Our range of products is unique in the UK marketplace and can help improve efficiency on-site.

Our range and breadth of products is unlike any other company in this market. We have the largest published range of steel lintels in the UK, and we are the only company in the UK to manufacture both prestressed concrete lintels and steel lintels in the quantities that we do, with the range of products that we have. Our cast stone, flooring solutions, fencing, and walling and precast products allow us to offer a breadth of products which can help merchants and developers alike select and deliver products to suit their needs.

Vehicle fleet

Stressline fleet of vehicles

Our vehicles include a range of artics and rigids.

Our fleet of vehicles includes artics and rigid vehicles, and because they are our own, we control where they go and when. This flexibility, coupled with the fact that all of our drivers have CSCS cards, means they can deliver to merchant’s yards as well as direct to site. Our experience allows us to efficiently deliver multiple products throughout the UK to a number of different types of locations. This flexibility means potentially more productivity for you.

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