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Frequently Asked Questions: Part 2

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The second part of our two-part series examines the FAQs for our thermal flooring, installation service and cast stone products. If you have not done so already, check out part one of our FAQs, looking at beam and block and hollowcore flooring systems.

Thermal Floor

What is the specification for topping?

The topping specification is determined by the client’s project engineer.

What U value can be achieved?

Under beam thermal flooring

Our thermal flooring combinations can ensure we achieve the U value that is specified.

The depth of insulating panel can be varied to achieve a U value down to 0.10.

What depth of void is needed below the floor?

A void of 225mm should be maintained below the underside of the insulation panel.

How are end panels supported?

The end panels are supported by the floor beam and pushed tight to the foundation wall. The friction between the deep panel and wall surface retains the panel whilst structural topping is applied.

What is the perimeter strip?

As part of floor components package, we supply EPS strips to place around the edge of the floor. This is to create a thermal barrier with the perimeter walls.


How much flooring can be fixed in a day?

Flooring installation

Our installation team can lay up to 250m2 of flooring per day.

All types of flooring, 150m2 to 250m2 depending on the complexity of the design.

What area is needed for a crane to stand in?

The size of crane required to lift components varies depending on weight of the item to be positioned and the reach needed. Most beam and block floors can be installed using a 35t crane. This requires an outrigger base of 8.0m square. Hollowcore being much heavier requires larger cranes. A 70t crane requires an outrigger base of 9.0m square.

What fall arrest is needed?

When installing all flooring, we provide an airbag fall arrest system around the delivery vehicle trailer. When working at upper floor levels, site are to prove a scaffold platform around the building and at any exposed leading edges. Within the building, we can supply an airbag fall arrest system, or site can install a scaffold birdcage structure.

Do you grout and mortar bed floor components?

We supply and lay joint grout material. Mortar for bedding is supplied by site for our team to lay as floor installation progresses.

Cast Stone

How strong is stone?

Our stone exceeds BS1217 at 40N/mm2 strength

Cast stone cill

Vapour curing ensures that the edges and corners of our cast stone are very durable.

How durable are cast stone product edges?

Our vapour curing process produces harder surface and edges.

Are specials available?

Yes, we have a joiners shop to manufacture special moulds. Please discuss your requirements with our sales or estimating team.

Can you provide Porticos?

Yes, we manufacture multiple components to be assembled around a steel frame (supplied by client) on site.

How do you protect cills during construction?

To eliminate mortar droppings on the cills, many clients fit them after the brick walls have been built. Alternatively, a protective plastic cover needs to be fitted over the cill.

Can stone be palletised in house sets?

Yes, where ever reasonably practical to do so. All stone items come with an identification label attached. This provides advice on type, size, weight and build location of the unit.

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