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Cast Stone: Why vapour curing is the only way

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Is vapour-cured semi-dry cast stone the look that so many builders are going for? The answer is yes, and there are a number of reasons why but before we explain, we will look at the different products on the market. Wet cast, semi-dry or GRC? The myth surrounding cast stone is that semi-dry is an inferior product to wet cast …

Stanton Cast Stone Estimating Team

Stanton Cast Stone: Q and A with the estimating team

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The Stanton Cast Stone product range is a steadily growing area of our business, but a leap from our traditional structural building product side. It is a product that complements our current range, and something we proudly talk about at trade shows and conferences. I caught up with the cast stone estimating team Seamus Moore and Alex Richards about their …

Stressline thermal floor

Frequently Asked Questions: Part 2

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The second part of our two-part series examines the FAQs for our thermal flooring, installation service and cast stone products. If you have not done so already, check out part one of our FAQs, looking at beam and block and hollowcore flooring systems. Thermal Floor What is the specification for topping? The topping specification is determined by the client’s project …

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Housebuilding efficiency: 5 key improvements

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With 300,000 houses as the Government’s target for new homes, the construction industry is left scratching their heads wondering how they will achieve something that has not been done in 30 years. The housing crisis is a huge political hot potato and we cannot offer a definitive solution that will solve the whole problem. What we can do is demonstrate …

Cast stone keystone lintel

Cast stone supplier selection: 5 top tips

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Finding a cast stone supplier is relatively easy given the amount available in the UK. It is a competitive market, and many suppliers produce several varieties of the same type of product – but which one do you get? It is easy to go online and order from the first supplier you find, but is that the best solution for …

Cast stone coping

Cast Stone Products: Top Ten Installation Tips

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Installation of cast stone can be very tricky given the nature of the product. It goes without saying that care must be taken when handling cast stone products. Here are some great tips for handling and installation of our cast stone products, but for more information download our cast stone brochure or contact the cast stone team. Store pallets safely …

Cast stone pier cap

Cast stone products: a complete guide

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Cast stone or reconstituted stone is a modern product that gives a property a contemporary look. Unlike our other products which are structural, cast stone is decorative. It has a number of applications, and the product types are virtually endless. Manufacturing cast stone is very simple to understand, but in reality is very difficult to master. Our products are hand-crafted …

Stressline cast stone point of sale

New Cast Stone Point of Sale Box

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Our Stanton Cast Stone products have received a marketing boost with the release of our new cast stone sample box which doubles up as a display case for merchants to have on their sales counters. The new sample box has been created specifically for Stressline, and is designed to house four sample blocks – one for each of the colours …