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Cast stone supplier selection: 5 top tips

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Finding a cast stone supplier is relatively easy given the amount available in the UK. It is a competitive market, and many suppliers produce several varieties of the same type of product – but which one do you get? It is easy to go online and order from the first supplier you find, but is that the best solution for you?

Here we look at a few tips to help you decide who to go to when you need good quality cast stone for your project.

Get a colour matching sample

Cast stone colour sample kit

Obtaining a colour matching sample kit is the first step to choosing a cast stone supplier.

Cast stone suppliers ought to have colour matching samples available for you to see the colours they can produce. It is imperative that you obtain some colour matching samples so you know what the final product(s) will look like when they are delivered.

Most cast stone suppliers should provide you with colour matching samples for free.

Provide detailed drawings, or ask the manufacturer to assist with producing them

If a cast stone supplier is willing to provide a quote and the final product without detailed drawings then something is clearly amiss. There may be a situation where you buy a cast stone product ‘off the shelf’ but be warned that projects tend to have their own idiosyncrasies, and so providing your cast stone supplier with detailed drawings will ensure that the quote and scope you get from them is accurate. The last thing you want is a load of cast stone products delivered that you cannot use.

Cast stone drawing

All good cast stone manufacturers will be able to help clients with the technical drawings, and produce drawings to the required specification.

Many cast stone suppliers will be able to help you with detailed drawings so it is best to speak to their estimating teams and provide them with as much detail as you possibly can.

If you get a cheap quote from another supplier make sure that you are comparing quotes that are like for like. Again, you will not want to choose a cheaper supplier only to discover that they misinterpreted your requirements because they did not ask the right questions.

Make sure you have the ability to store them

Another tip is to ensure that you can take delivery of the cast stone items when they arrive and that you can store them. Cast stone suppliers will offer handling and storage advice, so ensure you obtain this from them, and ask the question if you have any doubts.

Read up on the installation of cast stone items

cast stone lintel

Vapour cured cast stone products have a consistent finish, and are cured overnight.

Like the storage and handling, ensure that you are fully confident on the installation of the cast stone items. Cast stone manufacturers and suppliers will be able to offer installation and fixing tips and advice. Check with your supplier that they can provide this, and where it is available.

Make sure it is vapour cured

Very few cast stone suppliers produce vapour cured products, but it is definitely something you should ask for. Vapour curing is where a cast stone product is placed in a chamber overnight and is subjected to specific curing conditions which not only speed up the curing process but make the products consistent in their finish. With vapour curing you are not reliant upon weather and temperature conditions, the vapour conditions are controlled and monitored.

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