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Cast stone products: a complete guide

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Cast stone or reconstituted stone is a modern product that gives a property a contemporary look. Unlike our other products which are structural, cast stone is decorative. It has a number of applications, and the product types are virtually endless.

Manufacturing cast stone is very simple to understand, but in reality is very difficult to master. Our products are hand-crafted by specialists and each product has a carefully designed mould in which the sand and other materials are placed.

Product Overview

There are a number of products available as standard, but often bespoke designs can be manufactured providing a mould can be produced. Below is a list of standard products and more information can be found in our downloadable brochure.

Cast stone cills

Stooled cills (or sills) that have a ‘stool’ on either side to ensure brickwork can be placed upon them, and they can be secured build into the property. These are a popular product and often sold with lintels. Bay cills are designed for bay windows.

Cast stone lintels

Keystone lintels are often used with cast stone cills.

Splayed lintels are another regular product, that is often sold with stooled cills. They are lintels with angled sides. Sometimes they are manufactured with keystones in the middle creating ‘keystone’ cast stone lintels. Chamfered lintels have a chamfer manufactured into them to give the builder another option. Rectangular lintels are the most basic of cast stone lintels and like other lintels can be used in conjunction with a steel tray lintel.

Cast stone keystones

These are trapezoid shaped cast stone products that can be placed above window openings for a different look on a property. As previously mentioned, they can be used as the central point of ‘keystone lintels’.

Cast stone string courses
Cast stone string course

A course of cast stone blocks can break up a house and emphasise the height of the property.

String courses are blocks that usually go around the horizontal of a property to break up the property and emphasize the height.

Cast stone ashlar blocks

These are available in plain or rusticated versions, and very simply are an alternative to normal blockwork. It gives the property developer, builder or owner a different option.

Cast stone quoins

Often used with ashlar blocks, cast stone quoins are placed on the corners of buildings to add to the rustic look of the property.

Quoins are available in plain and chamfered varieties.

Cast stone window and door surrounds

As you would expect, cast stone surrounds can improve the look of the opening with the contemporary look that cast stone provides.

Cast stone corbels

Corbels are used on the edges of buildings and protrude from the wall. They can be used to support various structures above them like balconies.

Cast stone plinths

A course of stone plinths is often found below window level and normally has a weathered profile. We have a standard range but can produce bespoke products as well.

Cast stone gable vents

Gable vents are normally found on the gable end of a building. They are manufactured with a ‘false’ slot but can be produced with a genuine opening if required.

Cast stone label moulds

Cast stone label moulds are also referred to as hood moulding and are normally found above stone heads. They are decorative but can throw water away from the window below.

Cast stone copings

Copings are a very popular cast stone product. They are designed for the top of walling structures and are available in four different basic types. The once weathered and twice weathered varieties direct water away from the wall to prevent staining.

Cast stone pier caps
Cast stone pier cap

Cast stone pier caps are another popular product and can be manufactured with an added ‘sphere’.

Pier caps are a great finish to fence posts and wall ends. A popular option is to add a pier cap sphere.

Cast stone name stones

Name stones are specifically designed with text finishing which is done by a skilled stone mason. These are ideal for naming houses.

Vapour Curing

Vapour curing is a process that allows us to cure the stone in a chamber in a very specific and controlled environment. The beauty of vapour curing is that it allows us to speed up the curing process, and isn’t affected by weather or external temperatures meaning our cast stone has a consistent quality and finish.

Order your sample kit today

Cast stone sample kit

Our cast stone sample kit is free to builders merchants. Order one today.

Our cast stone products are available in four colours as standard – Bath, York, Portland and Cotswold. The colour of each really needs to be seen ‘in the flesh’ and so we have sample boxes with sample stones of each colour available for free as part of the ‘sample kit’.

The sample box doubles up as a display box, so you as a merchant can have the samples on your sales counter or display unit.

The sample kits are free to order for any builders merchant, so either contact your local ASM, or email us for your free sample kit.

Contact our estimators

If you any queries, would like more information or have a project that involves cast stone products then you can contact our cast stone estimator team now. They have a vast amount of knowledge on the products, and are more than happy to provide a quote or advice, and even both! Contact them now on 01455 272457.

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