Beam and block flooring system

Beam and block load span tables

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Deciphering beam and block load span tables can be an arduous process sometimes. Here we look at the range of tables and information available within our flooring brochure, and how these tables can be applied to your project.

We should say from the start that these beam and block load span tables are given as a guide only, and allowances should be made for point loads and partitions supported by the floor.

Prestressed I beam design information

Stressline I beam design informationThe first table relates to the ‘I’ beams. The beams are available in three different widths (105mm, 125mm, and 165mm), and 2 different depths (150mm and 225mm). This results in four different beam sections.

The weight is self-explanatory. The centre is the distance from the centre of the beam across the infill block to the centre of the next beam – for each section, there are three options.

There is also three floor self-weight options for each section, and these are displayed in both kN/m2 and kg/m2 for each floor weight for each centre option for each beam section.

For each floor beam section, there is information on the serviceable moment, ultimate moment, and ultimate shear.

Finally, our entire prestressed concrete floor beam products are ½ hour fire rated.

This table is meant to provide specifiers with a guide to our products and the limitations and use of the beams within the beam and block flooring system. It will hopefully help the specifier gain an understanding of the product when specifying beam and block floors.

Beam and block load span tables

These load span tables are split into three types – wide centres (Full width – 440mm), alternating wide and narrow centres (Full width (440mm) and narrow width (215mm), and narrow centres (Narrow width – 215mm).

Each of these three beam and block types is again split by beam section, block density and superimposed load.

Beam and block flooring load span tableThe density of block is split into three types measured in kg/m3. These are 1970, 1350 and 650. The bulk of the load span table data is the maximum clear span in metres that that particular product under those conditions will meet.

For example using this table you can see that it relates to wide centre style of blocks. For a 125mm x 150mm beam section the centre is 530mm. For a block with a density of 1970kg/m3 and an superimposed load of 2.5 kN/m2 the maximum clear span is 3.94m.

For superimposed loads other than 1.5kN/m2 using 650kg/m3 blocks, it is highly recommended that the user refers to the block manufacturer for guidance.

For more information on our beam and block load span table data please visit our flooring page. You can also find out more about our hollowcore flooring systems and thermal flooring systems. You can also download the flooring guide here.

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