We are proud to work with several independent and national merchants throughout the UK, and builder’s merchants are a big part of our business. However, we do operate in other markets and work with different types of companies. Below is an overview of the markets we operate in.


Stressline for  merchants
Builders Merchants represent a significant proportion of our business, and it gives us great pride to work with so many across the UK.

Alongside the National Merchant Builders Society (NMBS) and buying groups IBC, NBG, Fortis and H&B, we work with over 500 merchants throughout the UK.


Stressline for developers
Whilst the thrust of our business is the Merchants, we also market to developers and contractors with a view of growing this channel via sales through our expanding merchant base. Our range of products and the strength of our range is of great interest to private builders and developers alike. Our flooring systems are becoming increasingly attractive to this market.


Stressline for specifiers
We also work closely with many architects, engineers and specifiers, and are currently putting a programme together to increase our exposure in the specification market.

Initiatives included in this are our current CPD offering as well as our specification guide. For more information email


Stressline for groundworkers
Like developers, we market to groundworkers, but sales go through our merchant base. Our flooring products are used throughout the UK by many groundworkers, as well as contractors and house builders.

We have a number of flooring systems that are available. You can view them on our flooring page, or email