Stressline provide a number of services to complement our range of products. From back haulage to marketing, we can help you as the customer in a number of different ways. Look through our services below and contact us with any questions you have.

Back Haulage

As members of the Road Haulage Association we are invested heavily in efficient and effecting transport around the UK. Our fleet of four rigids and four artics not only allow us to transport our own products up throughout the UK but act as an impressive solution to customers haulage services as well.

The benefits:

  • Competitive rates.
  • A Fleet of Artic vehicles and flat bed trailers.
  • Curtain siders available on request.
  • Payloads of up to 29.5 tonnes.

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Our in house design department have full CAD capability and work with clients to create the desired project drawing.

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With Stressline flooring we offer the added service of on-site installation. Our professional teams of installation experts can be called upon to ensure that our flooring is put in place precisely and safely.

This service means that you don’t need to worry about getting a contractor, and you can rest assured that we will install the product properly, fully insured.

For more information or to book our flooring installation service email


Our technical and scheduling department is there to provide full technical expertise and advise on our lintels. The team work using the most up to date BS standards for methods of assessing loads to make sure that our lintels specified are structurally capable and will satisfy building control. If required calculations can be provided for lintels specified to justify their suitability.

We can quote from a full set of Architects drawings, to ensure all the information present will be analysed to determine any specific design criteria required for the lintels (e.g. whether they need to be steel / concrete, or a combination of both). All opening sizes are checked and confirmed within the lintel schedule with the correct length of lintel required specified. Schedules provided are presented in a way which is easy for the client to understand which lintels are required where, and scheduled so that if it is a large project (e.g. block of flats) the lintels can be called off when required (e.g. floor levels).


We are the only UK company within our market to offer a full description on the product label including site, plot, and location level.

In addition to this we can offer customers branded labels for any steel lintel products that we offer. To get a quote for branded labels email


Our newly formed marketing department now works with merchants to help them promote products through their own marketing efforts. From supplying images for catalogues to personalised labels, our marketing department is here to help you.

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