Stressline Steel Lintel

Seven Questions you should ask your lintel supplier

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The questions you should ask your lintel supplier will very much depend upon your own place in the market. For example, if you are a builders merchant, then the questions you ask are likely to focus on quality, delivery, and price. If you are a specifier, however, you may want to ask more about the technical properties of the lintel, …

Stressline lintel quality standards

Concrete and steel lintels: What standards have to be met?

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Lintels like virtually all other building products undergo rigorous testing before being available to UK and EU markets, but is there a difference between steel and concrete lintels? The generic lintel has to do a certain job and so must reach a certain level regardless of the material used, however, the properties of steel and concrete lintels are obviously different, and …

Flooring brochure cover

Stressline launch flooring systems guide

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The much-anticipated flooring systems guide has been launched and is now available for download on the downloads section of the website. The 16-page brochure outlines all three major flooring systems that we offer – beam and block flooring, thermal and hollowcore flooring. Launched at the NMBS show in Coventry, the new brochure details everything you need to know about our …

Cast stone coping

Cast Stone Products: Top Ten Installation Tips

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Installation of cast stone can be very tricky given the nature of the product. It goes without saying that care must be taken when handling cast stone products. Here are some great tips for handling and installation of our cast stone products, but for more information download our cast stone brochure or contact the cast stone team. Store pallets safely …

Cast stone pier cap

Cast stone products: a complete guide

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Cast stone or reconstituted stone is a modern product that gives a property a contemporary look. Unlike our other products which are structural, cast stone is decorative. It has a number of applications, and the product types are virtually endless. Manufacturing cast stone is very simple to understand, but in reality is very difficult to master. Our products are hand-crafted …

Steel lintels: an overview

Steel lintel types: An overview

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Steel lintels are the fastest growing area of our business, but we often get asked about the different types of steel lintels that are available. You can go through each type on its own page by clicking on the header, but within this blog post, we will outline each type, its applications, and general characteristics. Most cavity lintels are available …